Universal Basic Income and Student Loan Forgiveness

Yesterday I watched two thought provoking videos discussing the good and bad of Universal Basic Income.

Basically UBI will cause people not to want to work and sit around and drink beer or smoke whatever all day long.

There is another reason for UBI that nobody will discuss with us.

The thought seems to be that UBI is only for those that don’t want to work, yet there are many highly skilled individuals like myself out there that could be making over 6 figures if we could just get somebody to hire us, and yes, our skills are current, but nobody other than this guy will even tell our stories.


And many books have been written about this, but still our leaders like Biden will tell the coal miners who are being forced out of their industry that all they need to do is learn to code, yet when we try and tell biden that we know how to code, we are ignored.

The reason I see for UBI is we have more workers than we do jobs, so the older folks like myself, even though we have the skills they say they can’t find, are forced out, losing everything.

And our younger kids who have not yet established their skills aren’t given the opportunity to be all that they have the potential to be, unless they are very lucky or have the right connections.

So what options are we giving these two groups?

Myself, I’m trying to make it on early social security and an occasional website or programming job, but I’m not making it.

And from what I hear from the rest, they too are finding no work.

Here are the two videos I watched.

As for Student Loan Forgiveness

Do I think people should pay their bills?

Of Course, but how can they do that when we have sent their method of paying those student loans to other countries or imported workers to take their jobs here leaving them only to find 10 dollar a hour jobs that don’t even begin to cover the essentials, let alone pay bills?

Why do I say that we have more workers than we do jobs?

If you look at the current employment statistics that the Department of Labor Maintains from 1939 to present day, and subtract the previous year total from the current year total, you realize that we have been creating around 2 million jobs per year on average.

As you can see, we issue many times the number of student visas and temp worker visas that we create jobs for.

This is why our homeless camps grow and more and more highly skilled workers like myself are losing everything.

Yet you will not hear the powers that be even discuss it.

Why is that?

You can view that data and its source data by clicking on the following link.



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