How do we take this global and have fun doing it?

Like most, I chased that dollar and came close to catching it in 2003, but since then I’ve seen my future destroyed just like a lot of you have.

Which changed my perspective on life substantially.

In the final analysis we seem to need family, friends, food and drink, and the ability to put a roof over our families head while pursuing our goals, hobbies and the things we consider important.

Defeating globalization that destroys our future by sending the jobs we need to other countries or importing workers to take those jobs from us will not be easy.

It is a very long educational process that will require us to slowly educate our friends and neighbors and hopefully they will do the same to their friends and neighbors and over time it will grow.

So we need a way to make it a fun, enjoyable process for all.

Kind of like what these folks are doing that now have over 17,000 chapters globally.

I’m open to suggestions and I would love to hear the ideas that you have.

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