It really is very simple

Should your family come before all else?

All of us simply want the ability to provide for our families by putting a roof over their head, food on the table, and heating and cooling when needed.

It would be nice if we could pursue the education that would allow us to pursue the job of our dreams to make all of this possible and be able to work in our jobs for as long as our health will allow us to do so.

To do this requires that our community create more and more jobs as our families grow with each new child that is born.

Problem is, our jobs that are being created are being sent to other communities which is decreasing the jobs available to provide for our families within our community and workers who are not from our communities are being imported to take our remaining jobs.

Leaving us unable to provide for our families.

This is happening in every community in our world.

This is creating a environment in which a few communities will grow as the best jobs are sent to that community and then once the jobs pay too much, the people of that community will see their future destroyed as their jobs are sent to another community where pay and regulations to protect the workers are low.

Ultimately all communities lose in the long run while a few businesses reap all the rewards at the expense of our global workers.

Isn’t it time that we became united and demanded the ability to provide for our families?

Will You Help?

In every community we need a chapter consisting of members who understand that their community needs jobs for their citizens.

Members who understand what is happening and who are willing to do what they can to educate their community about why sending jobs to other countries and importing workers to take jobs that their own citizens need is bad for their community in the long run.


If you are in one of the communities that is receiving the jobs that are being sent to other countries you may believe that this is good for the people of your community who did not have jobs before.

Temporarily, it will be good for your community.

But what happens when the pay and regulations become more than the employers are willing to deal with?

Will those jobs now be sent to other communities leaving your citizens with none?

One Person Can Make A Difference

Are you that one person?